How to reset wordpress password without email

Wordpress is an application web site. User can create his own website, blogs, profiles etc. for free. User have to create an account with Wordpress. Here user can give his primary email id for login and have to create a unique password. If by some reason, user forgets his password then he can retrieve it through his primary email id. What if user cannot able to access his email? Then also , resetting of password is possible. In such case, user have to access the database of Wordpress.

  1. Go to the root directory of Wordpress.
  2. Search for the file wp-config.php.
  3. Open this file and scroll for define(DB_Name, '  ').
  4. The value in this field is the database name of your account. Note it down.
  5. Log in to the hosting provider's control panel and then click on phpMyAdmin.
  6. Further click on Databases.
  7. From the list, click on wp_users.
  8. User will see the registered users.
  9. Click on Edit to which user wants to change.
  10. From the list of variables, click on user_pass.
  11. The value there will be in encrypted form.
  12. Delete that value.
  13. Choose a unique password.
  14. Encrypt it from the authentic website.
  15. Copy and paste the value in the field.
  16. Press the button Go.
  17. Close all the windows.
  18. Login to the wordpress with the new password.
Contact at the wordpress customer support number 1-855-486-4299 if there is any issue.


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