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  • 2018-01-02 06:02:28

    Fix the death screen using Restore Point: Step 1: Go to "Choose an option" and select Troubleshoot Step 2: After this hit the “Advanced” options and move to System Restore. Step 3: Now, perform the computer reboots process and also select the account and sign-in. Step 4: Then hit the “Next” option Step 5: At the last click on the “Finish” option to apply the restore point. Fix issue via Safe mode: Step 1: First of all, the users may hit the Troubleshoot option from choose an option screen. Step 2: Hit on the “Advanced” options. Step 3: Now, click on the Settings button to start the process. Step 4: After this, need to hit the Restart button. Step 5: After the computer reboots need to click the F4 or the 4 key to enable Safe Mode. Step 6: And when enabled then uninstall Windows 10 updates, Uninstall device drivers to get solve the issues.