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  • 2017-05-26 04:45:34

    If the users want to install Norton anti virus on their systems then they can do it by just following the below mentioned steps. The steps are easy and can be undertaken by the users themselves.

    • First of all the users need to give a double click on the My Computer option on their systems.
    • Now the users are required to go to the My Computer window and give a double click on the CD icon that is mentioned beside the CD-ROM drive menu.

    • By doing this the opening screen will appear.

    • Users then are required to select on install Norton anti virus online option and should proceed further.

    • Go to the terms and conditions screen and select on next so as to start the installing process.

    • Click on the option named I accept the license agreement and further select on next.

    • Select on start scan option under the preinstall scanner menu.

    • Now the users need to click on destination folder option so that the online installation process starts.

    • Click on custom install and further select on install now from the option given under install accounts and parental controls.

    • After the Norton anti virus is installed the users are supposed to restart their computer and should again be reconnected to the internet.

    • The users then need to enter their activation PIN that is beside the option named My service PIN under the Norton anti virus service activation screen.

    Therefore, these are the steps that the users need to follow so as to set up Norton anti virus on their systems. Further the users should remember to under take these steps very carefully as if nay wring step is processed then the whole set up will be done wrongly and the users will face severe issues.