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Cheap flight booking for KLM Airlines Dial By Reservation Phone Number 

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines are located in Amsterdam city in Netherlands. The main destination hub of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. KLM was actually founded in 1919 and that’s why it is the oldest airline present in the world and it is still operating with its original name. As of 2015, this airline has a total of 35,488 employees in the KLM airlines family. With such a huge number of employees, this airline also operated the scheduled cargo services and passengers to a total of 145 destinations.

History of KLM Airlines

KLM has the fleet as a mix of Boeing aircrafts and Airbus with that age of almost 9 years. There are 115 fleets in total and KLM is in the middle of fleet renewal programme. These airlines have also received many awards for their achievements in the aviator sector. Like, the airlines are known for the outstanding efforts for improving the experience of passengers at 4th Travel Future Experience Awards 2014; KLM airlines are awarded for the Best Airline Staff Service in Europe at World Airline Awards 2013. With these, it is also rated as the best airlines in Europe for on-board food in Skyscrapper’s annual European Airline Food Awards 2011.  The KLM airlines and the partners with the airlines serve a total of 133 destinations in 69 different countries present on the five continents. With this, the airline has a codeshare agreement with different 27 airlines along with most of SkyTeam member.

KLM Airlines Reservations

The cargo services were founded in 1919 but started working in 1920 and with that the KLM airlines reservations started in the year 1920 and the first flight was taken off at 17 May 1920. The airlines operated a total of 440 flights in the same year and 22 tons of freight. The first international flight took off on 1st October 1924. In the year, 1930, the KLM airlines carried a total of 15,143 passengers. Air France merged with the KLM airlines in the year 2004 and these both continued to fly under their different brand names. The main features of the KLM airlines are the premium hostility services given to the passengers. The airlines have managed to cover many routes that are connected to Netherlands to the other economic regions present in the world.

Klm Airlines Ticket Bookig Via Phone Number

The KLM airlines booking phone number is +1 877-294-2894 and the KLM airlines reservations phone number is +1 877-294-2894.  You can contact the numbers get the bookings and reservations done for the flights to the destinations that you want to travel and enjoy the trip. 

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