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How Can I Resolve Issues Associated To My Facebook Account Using Technical Support Consultant

Facebook is quite appreciating and got enough importance for the type of service it is giving to its users.It is the best place to share your thoughts,uploading videos and photos.You can do continuous chat with your young ones without exploring other modes.If you are finding some kind of issues while using it,it is better to contact the facebook technical support team of experts on time through phone number.To be in contact of experts,it is required for you to use the facebook support phone number.

Number of issues has been solved through Facebook tech support team.Here,you can find help for some of them:-

What if Facebook messenger not working?

  • You need to go to the marketplace if you are using Android.Individual needs to go in “Menu” by clicking to the top left.
  • Individual needs to go for “My app” and should search for the “Facebook Messenger.”
  • By going to the next screen,there will be an update option appear to you if the software on your phone is not updated.
  • If the software is already updated and not performing the way it should,click the option to “Uninstall.” It will uninstall the software from your phone.
  • You need to install it again from the Market.

The above given steps can be used on other devices.It can solve the issue at most of the time.If the provided solution didn’t work out the way it should,you should report it to the Facebook by contacting on Facebook tech support phone number.It is always required to keep the Facebook Messenger app updated including the OS.It will allow new software updates to run smoothly on the phone.

Why the video is not uploading on Facebook?

If you are not able to upload videos on Facebook,you need to look for certain important things:-

Format:Facebook only supports the videos files that are user friendly.The file types are 3gp, FLV and WMV. As we can see the other video-hosting sites, Facebook will compress the size of the video and transform it  into a more manageable size.Facebook has some file size limitations for video uploads,you need to assure about compressing your video by converting it into either MP4 or MOV format.

H.264 Encodes:Facebook will recommend you to upload H.264 video encapsulated in MP4 or MOV formats.It is basically a codec, or encoding type,completely differentiates from a video format. A format basically used to store the audio and video, whether the codec compresses and decompresses the audio and video inside the container. H.264 offers you to upload a video of bigger file and is the more useful for uploading to Facebook.If any of these doesn’t works for you,it is better to use Facebook support phone number.

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