How to Recover Yahoo password without phone number and alternate email

Recover Yahoo password without phone number and alternate email

 Yahoo email is one of the services provided by Yahoo which is headquartered in America. It has the features of sending and receiving emails, online advertising, automatic filter to corrupted files or emails, etc. Yahoo provides the web services like search engine, news, online mapping, etc.

 In order to access the email service, the user needs to have an email ID and a password for the account. If the user has these details, they can simply sign-in to the account. In case of no email address, the user needs to Sign-up so as to use the Yahoo mail service. Sometimes, the user finds it difficult to access the emails due to forgotten or lost password. It can be recovered if the user knows how to recover Yahoo password without phone number. The password recovery can be done by the security questions which involve below listed steps:

How to Recover Yahoo password without Phone Number

The very first step would be to go to the Password Helper in the web browser by typing in the URL of the website.

Then, the user enters the email address on that page as it is required for the identification of the account for which we are recovering the password.

Once the email is entered, the next page will come up which will have the phone number that the user might have entered on the time of creating account. If the user is not using that phone number, then the button saying I don’t know the digits can be clicked.

After that, the alternate email with starting and ending of the email address is shown on the screen. The user can click the button for sending the verification code on the alternate email.

The user then needs to open the alternate email and use the verification and it will give an option to create a new password.

The new password is then used to Sign-in to the account.

How to Recover Yahoo password without Alternate email

 In order to know how to recover Yahoo password without alternate email, the below written steps can be followed:

Firstly, the user is required to visit the official page of Yahoo mail from where the sign-in helper page is reached.

Here the user needs to enter the email address of the user so that the Yahoo can search the details for the associated email account.

After entering the email, the page that comes will ask to identify the phone number, the user can simply click the button to receive a verification code via text message on the phone number which was saved in the account.

Once the code is received, it can be entered in the field of verification code for verifying the identity of account user.

Then, finally the user will get the option of creating a new password for the account. It is then re-typed for the confirmation.

Now, the user has a new password and that can be used for signing-in to the account using the email address and the password.

The user is now able to access the emails and other services which are related to the Yahoo account accessibility.

 So, above are the processes to know how to recover Yahoo password without phone number and recovery email.



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