Get details for baggage allowance and ticket booking steps for China Airlines

China Airlines is one of the largest and the major airline of Republic of China with its headquarter in Taoyuan International airport. This airlines operates approximately 1400 flights every week in a total of 115 cities. The airline service is spread to places like Asia, Europe and many more.

What is the maximum baggage allowance for China Airlines :

  • If passengers are travelling by the economy class then they are allowed to carry two bags with them. Each of the bag that the passengers are carrying should be not more than 23 kg.

  • The carry on bags should be only one in number and should not weight more than 7 kg in size.

  • For premium economy class passengers the carry on bags should be not more than 7 kg in size.

  • The checked in bag should not exceed 28 kg in weight.

  • Passengers travelling from Business class should have 1 carry bag and that should be of 7 kg in size.

  • For the checked bags the size limit is 32 kg.

How to make online booking for Chine airlines flight  & ticket booking phone number

  • Visit the China airlines website.

  • Enter the preferences like the departure date as well as the arrival date and city.

  • Go to the search option and get all the available flight details.

  • Once the passengers get the best flight for themselves select on book and fill the passenger form.

  • The passenger form includes the details of the passenger like name, date of birth, email address etc.

  • after the passenger form is filled correctly pay for the ticket and get the ticket on the registered email address.

Therefore, if anytime the passengers face any issue related to this service then they can immediately call on the china airlines booking phone number and can get the solutions for it.


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