How To Setup Google Business Account Email On Android

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Set Up Your Google Business Email On Android

Google is the one and only platform that gives platform to use multiple services.There are number of others like Google,but serves the users in best possible way.It has given number of things like Gmail,Google chrome,Google+,Google map and several other important things.People may use it to complete different purposes but there are certain times when user will got serious problem.In such circumstances,there is need to reach customer support team.To contact support team,there is need to dial helpline number.

There are number of issues which has been fixed by customer service team.Here,individual can see the solution of one:-

How may I set up Google business email on Android?

It is first required to open Android email app

Choose the option of “other”

Now, there is need to enter email address and password for email account

Email Address : …

Password: ……..

It is now need to choose POP3 option

There is now need to give pop3 server name.For Gmail,there is need to enter “

Individual may now go for Security Type as “SSL”

Also, there is  need to enter port no as “995”

Select the option of “Next”

There is now need to type smtp server name.For Gmail,there is need to enter “

Choose Security Type as “SSL”

There is now need to enter port number as “465”

User may now select the “Next” option

It is now need to see that whether the Google business email has been set on Android

Those who haven’t find the above steps helpful,they need to connect with support team immediately.Customer support team is really helpful for providing the best solutions,they provide the advanced tools for solving each specific issue


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