How to make an extension box

Main requirements

  1. Switch Board

Switch board is a board made up of either wood or plastic (PVC) and is meant for mounting

switches and sockets.

      2. Mounting of Switches and Sockets

The procedure of cutting of holes of appropriate size and fixing of switches and sockets on switch

board is known as mounting of switches


3. Wiring of Switch Board

The procedure of making electrical connections to switches and sockets according to the wiring

diagram is known as wiring of switch board.


  • Switch board of appropriate size, 
  • Three single pole (SP) switches (250 V, 5 A),
  •  3 three pin socket ( 250 V, 5 A),
  • 1/ 18 SWG wire, 
  • Screw driver set, 
  • Pliers,
  •  Insulation stripper, 
  • Test lamp, etc.

 Stepwise Procedure:

1. Mark the positions of switches and socket on the switch board.

2. Cut the holes on the switch board for housing switches and socket, as per marking.

3. Fix the switches and socket on the switch board.

4. Make the wiring of switch board as per wiring diagram.

5. Also, connect proper earthing connection as per wiring diagram.

6. Make sure that all the connections are as per wiring diagram and are tight.

7. Test the switch board


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